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AB EDEN, Estate Grown

In 2017, AB Eden uncovered the ideal winemaking haven, christened 'Eden', following an extensive quest for one of Barossa's distinguished vineyards. Located within the Barossa's High Country, the Moculta vineyard thrives in the viticultural sub-region known as the Eden Valley.



Unlike its western counterpart, the Barossa Valley, the Eden Valley distinguishes itself with higher altitudes, cooler climates, and increased rainfall. This unique environment sets the stage for AB Eden to craft wines that encapsulate the essence of this remarkable terroir.


Planting of vineyards in the Eden Valley has been limited by the presence of shallow rock, scarcity of water for irrigation and the imposing eucalyptus trees. The result is scattered, small parcels of vines thoughtfully planted in ideal sites. The Eden Valley has rightly become recognised for producing wines of purity, complexity and elegance from some of the oldest vines in the world, it’s certainly a challenging place to grow grapes but brilliance is often born out of adversity.

The soils of the Eden Valley are mostly free draining sandy loam over weathered quartz gravels and schists. The most prized are the red loams over clay and weathered rock, both of which are present on our Moculta vineyard.

While the surface soil layers support the majority of the vines’ roots, as these layers dry during the growing season, strong exploratory roots search deep for water and nutrients hidden in cracks between the ancient weathered rock. It’s these roots that help tell the stories of our rare soils that contribute to the purity, freshness and complexity of our Ab Eden wines. The patterns on our labels are inspired by the incredible complexity of the geology of our vineyard and represent the main types of rocks that exist below the soil surface.


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