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In the 1920’s, the Rolland family acquired a parcel on the commune of « Néac », in the « Bertineau » locality of the Lalande-de-Pomerol appellation.

« Château Bertineau Saint-Vincent » is therefore a reference to the locality as well as Saint Vincent, a martyr hero of the fourth century, patron of the winemakers and protector of the wine, whose day lies on the 22nd of January. Numerous sayings illustrate his importance amongst the protectors of wine which is subject to nature’s wrath and whim. For example : « If it’s a beautiful day on Saint Vincent’s day, there will be plenty of juice for the vine shoot ».

Nowadays therefore protected by this patron, the grapes of Château Bertineau Saint-Vincent benefit from a rigorous selection and the utmost care by the team, under the attention of Benoît Prévôt along with the expertise and experience of Michel Rolland.

The 5.6 ha vineyard is composed of 75 % merlot and 25 % cabernet franc. The soils are constituted of a mix of clay and gravel and become sandy as they approach the river bed on the western part of the property.

The wine of Bertineau Saint Vincent has character. It shows a purple core with a ruby rim. The nose is clean and intense, characterized by red and black fruits, spices, toasted bread and vanilla. On the palate the wine shows ample structure, is smooth with mature and fat tannins. The finish is long with notes of ripe fruits and spices.

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