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Château Le Bon Pasteur

Château Le Bon Pasteur, straddling Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, sprawls across 6.7 hectares with 21 diverse plots. Its rare terroirs, from blue clay to gravelly-sand, create intricate flavors and textures. "Caillou" produces velvety Merlot, benefiting from unique blue clay that regulates water supply. "Pomerol Maillet," rich in Cabernet Franc, yields balanced, fruity wines due to early ripening. Vinification intégrale in barrels hones specificity for plots like "La Maugarde" and "Le Barrail." Château Le Bon Pasteur masterfully blends Pomerol's softness with Saint-Emilion's strength, epitomizing elegance and complexity.

The Winery

The estate's history traces back to the 19th century when it was known as Château Vieux Bon Pasteur. It was later acquired by the renowned winemaking family, the Mazières, in the mid-20th century. Under their stewardship, the estate underwent significant modernization and improvements in viticultural practices and winemaking techniques.

One of the distinguishing features of Château Le Bon Pasteur is its vineyard management. The estate meticulously tends to its vines, ensuring low yields per hectare to concentrate flavors and enhance quality. Merlot is the dominant grape variety here, contributing to the wine's richness, suppleness, and fruit-forward character. Cabernet Franc also plays a crucial role, adding complexity, structure, and a hint of spice to the final blends.


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